We appy modern computer-assisted technologies and we believe in a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to pharmaceutical challenges. Above all, we strive to contribute to medicinal chemistry, biotechnology and general development of novel drugs.


intelligent molecules for you

our work

towards intelligent molecules intelligently

Drug Design

in silico structure-based, ligand-based, consensus methods, deep learning, qsar, VS, ...

Bioinformatics - Chemoinformatics

library design and analysis, (big-)data analysis; applied to bio-/chemo-informatics

"Big Molecule" Support

in silico research and design of peptides and macromolecules, protein engineering, biotechnology support, ...

Drug Design Software Development

custom software design, software-hardware setup for specific drug design tasks, drug design software support and training, system maintenence and support

active compound from a registered medicine (drug) in its active site