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About IntelliMol

We are an enthusiastic start-up based in Ljubljana, Slovenija.

Nevertheless, IntelliMol is first and foremost a drug design company. We are highly focused and specialise in pharmaceutically interesting proteins and small molecules that could be used either as probes in drug research project or become new drugs themselves.

We collaborate with pharmaceutical industry and other pharmaceutically-related ventures, as well as medicinal chemistry or biotechnology academic and non profit laboratories with in silico support. We strive to research bleeding-edge in silico technologies and approaches in order to offer relevant, up to date, interdisciplinary, quality, risk aware and effective solutions to a drug/protein design project. Furthermore, we conduct bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and general big data mining in order to provide scientific context and leverage the existing scientific data to our advantage.

We appy modern computer-assisted technologies and we believe in a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to pharmaceutical challenges. Above all, we strive to contribute to medicinal chemistry, biotechnology and general development of novel drugs.